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Ad Types We Specialize In

By delivering multiple types of advertising formats, you can spread your marketing message more effectively to consumers on different types of platforms.

Device types we Support

As a multi-channel advertising company, PrimeRoll is ready to deliver your message across all possible devices – Desktop PC’s, Mobile, Tablets & Smart TV’s.

Video Advertising, High Engagement

Considered the #1 most effective marketing format online today, video advertising helps create strong brand awareness.

Brand Awareness Marketing

When you need more attention on your brand, the right type of marketing methods help you target the exact consumers most likely to contact your or buy directly.

For Advertisers

You need more attention on your site, app, or product directly. A comprehensive marketing strategy combines multiple methods to get my attention, convert leads, and push consumers down the sales funnel. When you are ready to invest in your future success, consider performance marketing with PrimeRoll.

Our ad options include different cost situations for various types of advertising and traffic. We offer CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPI, and CPE marketing options. Enjoy a dedicated campaign manager to assist you in creating the most effective ad styles.

Our advantages for Advertisers:


♣ Highly Competitive Rates
♣ WorldWide Supply From Over 180 Countries
♣ High Scale
♣ Various Pricing Models
♣ Brand Safety
♣ In-House Creative Studio
♣ Dedicated Account Manager

Why Work with Us

Websites & Apps

Billion Ad Views monthly

Countries Global Reach

Hours Support

For Publishers

Increase your digital earnings with well-placed, professional-quality ads your visitors will love. Because we offer such a vast collection of advertisement types and payment options including the frequently higher-priced cost-per-lead and cost-per-engagement models, you have more opportunity than ever before.

The innovative ad serving technology behind the PrimeRoll system brings you content-specific ads in the most potentially profitable way. Enjoy the detailed administrative section to keep up to date with earnings and ad options.

No matter what side of the business aisle you are on, performance marketing can improve your earnings. Advertisers enjoy more engagement and successful lead generation than ever before. Publishers create maximum revenue brought to you by a professional ad-serving agency.

Our advantages for Publishers:

♣ Highest CPM’s in the industry
♣ WorldWide Demand
♣ Unlimited Budgets
♣ Full Transparency
♣ Brand Safety
♣ Dedicated Account Manager

About Us

PrimeRoll is a premium multi-channel advertising network dealing with both Performance Marketing & Brand Awareness Advertising across all media channels ( Display, Native, Social, Push & more.

Our vast experience in the online advertising field enables Brands, Agencies, Agency Trading Desks, Exchanges, Networks & Direct publishers to plan, sell, measure and optimize their online advertising activity.

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