Brand Awareness Marketing

Brand Awareness Marketing

When you need more attention on your brand, the right type of marketing methods help you target the exact consumers most likely to contact your or buy directly. Brand awareness marketing encompasses a host of ad types and platforms designed to tell people about what you have to offer and why they should trust you to deliver what they need.

The two most effective types of targeted brand awareness marketing campaigns include video advertising and display banners and graphics. Whatever you choose, PrimeRoll helps you succeed with a dedicate campaign manager, international focus with over 180 countries served, and the convenience of CPM pricing.

Enjoy Open Real Time Bidding (RTB) on Ads

Get the most competitive pricing for all your video and display banner ads with PrimeRoll’s real-time-bidding (RTB) system. Forget paying for ads well before they start working to get you impressions, click throughs, and actions. With RTB systems, you decide what you want to pay and beat out competitors in super fast, super efficient auctions.

In the time it takes for the ad to load on a page, you can snipe top positions on the most beneficial platforms in our network. We have plenty of highly sought after sites, apps, and pages for you to choose from.

Display Banners for Brand Recognition

With multiple size and shape options, display ads fit any platform with ease. These text-based or graphical banners grab attention fast and entice clicks with ease. Your campaign manager will work side-by-side with you to formulate the most effective display strategies for websites, mobile apps, social media and more.

Brand awareness marketing involves multiple points of access from the consumer to the company before recognition and trust is established. We can help you speed up the process and bridge that gap to fuel future success.

About Us

PrimeRoll is a premium multi-channel advertising network dealing with both Performance Marketing & Brand Awareness Advertising across all media channels ( Display, Native, Social, Push & more.

Our vast experience in the online advertising field enables Brands, Agencies, Agency Trading Desks, Exchanges, Networks & Direct publishers to plan, sell, measure and optimize their online advertising activity.

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